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Corporate Services

  • Merge & Acquisition

  • Business Model/Plan Validation

  • Fund Raising

  • Structuring

  • Financial License Structuring

  • Business Case Validation

  • Tech and Process

  • Risk & Compliance

  • Go-to-market validation

  • Data Analysis & Implementation

  • Strategy vs Tactic solutions

  • Target validation

Fintech Services

The private investment trust could be described as the evolution of the holding company in private equity or venture capital investments. Evolution meaThe world of fintech is constantly evolving and new entrepreneurs are emerging to build the new unicorn. Ephelia supports the creation of a Fintech in different areas and at different levels. We help with the licensing process or provide an umbrella licence for the first period of operation. We support compliance and cyber-security processes as well as assist in structuring the business plan and validate the business model. On the technological side, thanks to PortIT, we provide complete SaaS solutions or simply API connections for accessing settlement and payment schemes.

Venture Capital

We provide comprehensive assistance in the VC arena for both investors who need to structure investment vehicles and entrepreneurs seeking capital and opportunity promotion. Our aim is to make investment rounds faster, easier, safer and more accessible by building the infrastructure needed to both raise and deploy capital. Ephelia's solutions fundamentally transform the venture capital landscape through expertise and technology.

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