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A new concept of Primary Market

From crowdfunding to IPOs, Elviria is the ideal partner for the “already-happening” journey towards a new cheaper and efficient model of market. We strongly believe that the asset management industry is increasingly turning to the real economy in the form of alternative investments. Elviria offers a complete solution for investors and issuers.

Tokenization & Distribution Market

The illiquid condition of investments in the real economy has always limited their growth and forced issuers to approach complex and not always functional solutions. Elviria breaks into this sector with a platform that tokenises issuers' instruments on different blockchains and simultaneously distributes them to potential investors. It fills an important gap towards more efficient, economic and functional solutions.

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Setting up a new company, opening a multi-currency account, integrating accounting and stock management, integrating e-commerce with credit cards. Have a constantly open line with an accountant, lawyer or marketing manager for day-to-day problems. A months-long exercise with a thousand difficulties. Quid is the solution to all this. A few clicks and what used to be months are now days. 


Working with banks is not easy. It takes weeks to open a simple current account. Compliance analyses are time consuming and often manual. Trust in new customers is low. With Quid, having a multi-currency account is a matter of hours thanks to the most modern anti-money laundering control systems and a specialised compliance team. 
Modular onboarding allows you to ask the client for the documentation that is strictly necessary and, thanks to single relationship, only once for all services. No more redundant operations.

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Local Communities First

Toonie can easily be described as the antithesis of a world governed by global structures “Amazon-like” but, at the same time, with even greater scalability potential.
An App that supports the needs of local communities, their people and their economies. The various services offered by Toonie include promotion and vouchering systems for merchants, a POS for payment collection and a multi-currency wallet for payment settlement. All in a private and free payment circuit that excludes the big players and their no longer sustainable fees. 
A global money transfer system and a point of access "for all" that allows the purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies complete the offer.

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Open Banking/PSD2

With experience in delivering PSD2 integration across UK and Europe, Port IT team can support Banks and Financial Institutions in their Open Banking readiness journey.

White Label Solutions

All of Port IT commercial offerings come in both API and White Label turn-key solutions: Customers focus on their brand identity and processes, Port IT take care of the software customization and maintenance.

Core Banking Technology

Port IT expertise revolves around building scalable solutions for modern financial accounting and payment systems and their integration with third party software, without carrying any legacy of outdated systems and guiding our customers in their customer migration phase.


Thanks to Port IT own software ecosystem and integrations with the main Cards Providers, Port IT can provide virtual wallets with international and cross currency capabilities with native payment cards integrations.

Scheme Connections

Port IT is the team that in 2018 integrated the first non-bank to the three major payment schemes in UK (FPS, CHAPS, BACS) and SEPA in Europe. Port IT can also provide acquiring facilities for your payment card needs.


Port IT is convinced that distributed finance (DeFi) will revolutionize the way in which business and personal finance will be perceived by current and future customers, hence why Port IT focused on extending its platform with Blockchain-based capabilities and integrations, including Asset Tokenization and Crowd-Investment solutions.

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