The Ephelia Group distinguish itself for its eclectic approach to the wealth management sector and consequently to its creation.

Totally independent from the traditional banking world, Ephelia focuses on providing services to those who create it and the professionals who support it.

Asset Management services are provided through our Swiss vehicle and focus on Advisory Services, Family Offices and Venture Capital services with the aim to bring specific and not generalist products.

Corporate services are focused on the internalization and structuring of companies that want to succeed globally. Ephelia is present in several jurisdictions and operates through selected local professionals with specialisation in the international arena.

Asset protection is the necessary condition for those who have generated or are generating wealth and want to protect it from daily risks in order to safeguard personal and loved ones' well-being. It is essential for entrepreneurs and crucial for succession management.

Managing a family business is complex and risky. Investment, administration and legislative changes, especially in the international arena, can generate unintended and costly liabilities. Independence, expertise and experience are essential to the success of the family-office.