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Corporate-as-a-Service and Trustee-as-a-Service are designed on offering the Ephelia group's white-label services to Professionals and Financial Institutions in order to provide useful tools for scaling-up their businesses. Ephelia acts as a service platform without interacting with the end customer. More information are available at  


Quid is a global project in which Ephelia provides specific services dedicated to business management. It represents a clear example of white-label services that understand the need of the Quid platform to offer a very high quality service but at the same time to offer it through their brand. Quid offers its services in Europe, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. More information about Quid at


Ephelia has begun to develop the Universal Blockchain project in collaboration with third parties specialised in the field, aimed at creating a system for issuing and exchanging shares of companies not listed on official markets. The final objective is to create a regulated market, open to external investors, which will allow entrepreneurs to take advantage of an alternative financing channel.

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Ephelia through its Asset Manager Ephelia Capital - - fully supports Oakhill Luxury Ltd which is a Venture Capital platform investing in startups and corporates of luxury industry. Born in 2018 with the aim support young enterpreneurs  in setting up and structuring new ventures, Oakhill is now investing in three projects in line with its philosophy.

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