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Wealth Management

  • Single/Multi Family Office

  • Structuring

  • Administration

  • Management

  • Portfolio Structuring

  • Portfolio Management

  • VC/PE Strategies

  • Real Estate

* Services provided by Ephelia Capital Gmbh - Swirtzerland

Family Office Support

We believe that the management of family assets through a Family Office is a complex matter, which strongly embodies the nature of the families that constitute them. Ephelia supports the management of the Family Office without ever replacing it. Thanks to our experience in the real economy, in the management of companies and their assets, in the management and protection of family assets, Ephelia is the ideal partner to talk to. We structure vehicles for each type of project and management, assist their daily operations and monitor their risks. With both experience and technology.

Bespoke Portfolios

Asset management and investment portfolio structuring has reached a level of specialisation that does not allow generalisations. The choice of each Investment Manager today requires extreme specialisation in the sectors on which he wants to have his Target. Ephelia has chosen to focus on three main sectors. The first, and the one that encompasses our history and our being, is Capital Preservation. Strategies built together with our Trustees with the adamant aim of protecting the Trust's assets at all times and in all market conditions, where responsibility and conscientiousness are second to none. The second focuses on our Fintech and Venture Capital business. Obviously our soul cannot be forgotten and therefore we invest in solutions where we have a significant guarantee of results and sustainability. Solutions that the banking world struggles to structure because of the lack of entrepreneurial and technological mentality. Last but not least is the management of Cryptocurrencies. This is also a profession that traditional asset managers have great difficulty in developing due to the considerable technological and entrepreneurial expertise required.

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