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Ephelia Ecosystem

Every service and solution offered by Ephelia enables our customers to tap into the ecosystem of products and companies in which we have made investments.

Our customers are led, through an advisory support service, in choosing the right products, services and solutions for their needs. This drastically improves time to market and substantially reduces start-up and running costs.

Benefits of the Ecosystem

the Ephelia approach

Clients XYZ was looking to launch a service to offer its customers an investment in digital gold. It has started designing its App but needed to be able to acquire its Clients' Credit/Debit cards to sell the digital gold.
When he approached us he also needed the services of KYC.
After careful analysis, we suggested a better approach, adding an e-money account service to the original concept, where the end customer could deposit money and then offer savings-oriented purchase schemes. We also identified some wrong assumptions in his financial plan.
The customer was very happy, but the cost to implement this was far from his initial budget and the wrong assumptions risked wrecking the project.
We then allowed him to temporarily add his digital gold to a fintech in our ecosystem. The project took off after only three weeks of implementation. This allowed him to test his proposition on the market and have revenues to launch his own platform.


Global Finance Licences

A financial group with licences in Europe, USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand provides fast track access to a market of 1.185 billion people with similar financial requirements and behaviour.


In-House Technology

There are 26 senior engineers who follow the development, maintenance and innovation of our core-banking platform every day, enabling all our customers to benefit of bespoke solutions to the finest detail.



Ephelia has an entire infrastructure of micro-services dedicated to payments, e-money and investment to enable our customers to pick and choose only what they require, without having to pay unnecessary fees.


White-Label Solution

White-label solutions are available, ranging from payments to investments, which allow for a very rapid launch to market without waiting for endless integrations. With Ephelia you can launch your business idea in weeks.


Community Power

Building your business idea with Ephelia enables you to benefit from an established community of other Fintech entrepreneurs who may find in you the ideal partner with whom to grow your respective business.

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