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Expertise & Projects

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Deliver solutions to enhance or consolidate your presence in the Fintech market. Ephelia supports emerging Fintechs, Tech companies, Banks and Financial Institutions in providing high value-added services solutions.



Electronic money is the future of the entire banking and technology landscape. Ephelia is at the forefront in supporting innovation and the integration of new business verticals, where the market demands new banking solutions from PSPs to meet the new challenges.



Payments should be smooth and technology-enabled, without creating barriers. Providers need to compete and adapt with new technologies (blockchain) to fill the gap caused by years of lack of innovation. Ephelia is the right partner.


Asset Management

Asset management for its own sake is no longer competitive with the younger generation. Infrastructure costs and a new market require a radical transformation. Artificial Intelligence and a new distribution concept can meet these challenges. 


Acquiring & Issuing

The world of payment cards and related schemes are evolving to meet a new demand for ease of use and speed of execution. This increases management and compliance risks as well as reconciliation difficulties. Only a solid infrastructure can meet this challenge.



Ephelia has developed an entire core banking solution that allows our clients to develop new verticals with the peace of mind of having a solid and proven foundation while at the same time staying at the forefront of innovation and technology.


Blockchain & AI

The integration between the solutions enabled by blockchain and predictive and generative AI makes possible the development of new products in banking that until now were only dreamed of. Technology and experienced bankers can make the difference. 



Compliance is the real challenge in the financial world. Central regulators are increasing and tightening rules on client onboarding and transaction monitoring. Only with a tool that combines up-to-date data and state-of-the-art technology can risks be reduced.


Risk Management

The financial world is based on risk management. Any product must be assessed by the risk function. This requires data and scores to fulfil the risk map. Ephelia develops tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of each individual financial sector.



Ephelia's approach is based on advisory. We believe that the Fintech-as-a-Service sector should not be limited to a product supermarket. Every solution offered by Ephelia requires a prior evaluation in order to offer the right service at the right cost



Toonie is the future of day-to-day banking. A multi-currency wallet integrated with blockchain, with a private payment scheme, cards and acquiring. Together with digital discount vouchers.


Enhanced electronic money. Traditional banking meets blockchain and gives birth to a new concept of currency interchange. Multi-channel, programmable and streamable.

Streamable Finance

An investment platform, a treasury management system and a Decentralised Exchange under one umbrella operated by an innovative streaming payment technology.

Quid Global

Corporate banking services bundled with business management tools in a multi-account and multi-user platform. From company formation to current account opening.


A banking and investment platform that combines a primary marketplace of financial opportunities with the possibility of structuring directly tokenized bankable products.

Konfido VIP

Private Banking completely reinvented. Investments, Current Accounts, Credit Cards and related payment services are optimised for a seamless experience of real-time cash flow monitoring.

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